Ammunition of the Year Awarded by Guns & Ammo

Ammunition of the Year Awarded by Guns & Ammo

( – Each year, Guns & Ammo magazine gives awards for their picks of the guns, ammo, and accessories they believe to be the very best for that period of time.

This year, the company chose the Winchester .350 Legend as the ammunition to receive the award for 2019. Created in response to new straight-wall hunting regulations in northern mid-western states, the new cartridge filled a void in a new and untapped market.

The .350 Legend delivers low recoil without sacrificing penetration capabilities or range (2,290 fps when shot from a 20” barrel). In addition to bolt action rifles, the bullets are also able to be used in semi-automatic AR-15s.

If you are an AR-15 enthusiast, or simply want to try out a new cartridge, the .350 Legend is a great new option you may want to look into.

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