Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Training Range

Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Training Range

( – Training ranges can offer a variety of features. For that reason, selecting a training range can be confusing to a beginner. The following video discusses some important points to consider when choosing one.

The number and variety of courses provided by a range is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a training range. For instance, some ranges offer tactical instruction and team-building exercises while others don’t.

Additionally, every range maintains its own set of rules. Some ranges prohibit drawing. Others ban rapid-fire.

Whatever your experience level, it’s best to look for a range that offers a variety of training options aside from shooting paper targets. You can’t expect to be good at hitting moving targets by shooting stationary ones, and you certainly can’t assume you’re going to be a good shot while moving if you’ve only ever shot from a firing line.

After all, knowledge without experience isn’t an effective way to learn how to handle a firearm. Check out the difference between theory and training and see why both are equally important.

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