Biden’s Fight, Our Right…To Bear Arms

Biden’s Fight, Our Right...To Bear Arms

( – If you haven’t figured it out by now, Joe Biden is anti-Second Amendment. He has repeatedly confirmed this fact during the Democratic debates and at campaign events — if you can call them that.

If you need proof, here’s a video created by Colion Noir, bringing Joe Biden’s plan to light.

In reality, Biden’s plan is clear as day, and misinformation is rampant with the world we live in today. This isn’t something Joe brings up casually. These are his actual intentions.

He has made it a habit to consistently attack the NRA, the Second Amendment, and law-abiding gun owners. He has repeatedly shown his dismay for firearms and called for the banning of AR-15 style weapons.

Biden wants gun companies to be held responsible when a firearm created by them is used to inflict harm on someone. He isn’t just looking to infringe on our right to bear arms; he’s looking to bring down the entire firearm industry.

We have the Second Amendment to protect ourselves from threats, whether in self-defense or against a tyrannical government. To learn more about Biden’s plans, and the NRA’s response, click here.

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