California’s 2A Win Doesn’t Last

California's 2A Win Doesn't Last

( – Earlier in the week, we mentioned a big win for gun rights activists. Unfortunately, California refuses to cease its war against the Constitution — specifically, the Second Amendment. Just when citizens were sure they had victory in the bag, the state swiftly removed their hope.

What might this mean for you? Essentially, the law will not be changed and people will continue to face background checks for ammunition purchases.

California Rifle & Pistol Association attorney Chuck Michel stated:

 The fight for freedom goes on, but we are back to ammo sales restrictions for now. More to come.

The fact that “the fight for constitutional rights” shouldn’t even be needed is a topic for another time (in fact, we’ve talked about it before). But for the moment, this is where California stands and what gun owners must deal with. Eventually We the People WILL win, just as the Constitution intended.

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