Disabled Just Prep Differently

Disabled Just Prep Differently

(TacticalNews.com) – The act of prepping isn’t restricted to one particular type of person. Prepping should be encouraged among people of all walks of life and ages. While it’s true that it may be more challenging for some than others, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Whether you were born with a disability or developed it later in life, it can impact your life dramatically. However, simply because you’re disabled doesn’t mean you lack the ability or need to prep.

Now, it’s true that you may need to do things differently, or work harder to prepare for the eventuality of SHTF. But you can still find ways to do it, and your basic needs will remain the same: shelter, food, water, and clean air.

Likewise, even physical disabilities won’t stop you from being able to defend yourself. However, being fit for survival is likely different than you might think. Check out what it means.

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