Government To Combat Deer Disease By Introducing More Hunting Days

DNR Combat Deer Disease With Extra Hunt Dates

( – Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a gift for hunters this holiday season. It is setting extra dates for deer hunting this year, allowing hunters another chance to bag one.

Due to the devastating chronic wasting disease (CWD), the DNR has opened extra hunting days in an effort to contain the spread. The DNR allows both residents and non-residents to hunt during the dates provided, and hunters may purchase an unlimited number of disease management permits.

The hunts are set to take place on December 26 to 27 and January 2 to 3 in permitted hunting areas in southeastern Minnesota.

Hunters can take down deer in the entire southeastern management zone, the south metro zone, and permit area 343. Hunters can use bows and firearms but must submit a sample of any deer bagged during the special hunts.

So, if you missed your chance to bag a deer this year, you’re getting another chance, thanks to the Minnesota DNR. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to find a deer hunting rifle, check out how you can select the perfect rifle for your needs.

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