Do You Need More Than One CCW?

Do You Need More Than One CCW?

( – There are several aspects to carrying a firearm that many people don’t realize. The need for more than one concealed carry weapon (CCW) is something many people don’t think about when purchasing a second firearm, something everyone should consider doing. Your second firearm doesn’t have to be a backup gun (BUG). But you do need one, and here’s why.

The most important reason one should consider carrying more than one concealed weapon is redundancy. A malfunction in your primary CCW when your survival is at stake could be deadly. There are numerous scenarios in which your primary CCW could be compromised as well, from being disarmed to becoming damaged in a conflict. Having a backup to defend yourself with is vital.

Another reason to have a second CCW is the fact that law enforcement officials will confiscate your weapon as evidence should you ever use it for self-defense. Once it’s taken, there’s no telling how long it will take to get it back.

One option is to do both open and concealed carry. For information on the pros and cons of both, check out our article here.

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