Home Defense — Geared Up at a Moment’s Notice

Home Defense — Geared Up at a Moment's Notice

(TacticalNews.com) – Many people falsely believe having a gun is the end-all solution to home defense. However, not all situations require deadly force, and you want to make sure you are prepared for any situation. So, what else do you need other than a gun to respond to a disturbance in the dead of night?

BlackScoutSurvival discussed a simple setup using body armor in the video above. Unfortunately, storing bulky armor next to your bed is not always practical or desired. Keeping a sling bag handy loaded with everything you need in an emergency is a great alternative.

Whether you purchase or create one, make sure your bag has a separate compartment for your handgun. Other items to store in your bag include a trauma kit, flashlight, knife, extra ammo, and OC spray.

You may also want to practice locating the items in your bag after dark. You don’t want to be fumbling around while a home invader is rummaging through your house, intent on causing you harm.

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