Surprising Survival Uses for Sandbags

Insulating Your Home — With Sandbags

( – When people think about sandbags, images of rising floodwaters or soldiers hunkering down behind a stack of them comes to mind. However, there are other uses for them.

As the video points out, sandbags are indeed great for stopping bullets and projectiles. However, thanks to their ballistic properties, sandbags can also make a great shelter.

Likewise, they are great for covering your windows and walls during severe weather. Sandbags can also help insulate a structure because they prompt a geothermal response similar to that of earth berm homes.

As you can see, there’s no reason not to add sandbags to your prep supplies. They are relatively cheap and easy to store. They can be filled as needed and offer you a way to make an improvised and well-insulated shelter. Check out these other prepping essentials you should keep on hand, just in case SHTF.

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