Learning From COVID: 12 Reasons Why We Should Prepare

Learning From COVID: 12 Reasons Why We Should Prepare

(TacticalNews.com) – This COVID-19 pandemic has been tragic. Though any good prepper knows to not let a crisis go to waste. COVID, while very infectious has a low mortality rate making it the perfect virus to get people in shape when it comes to prepping. Even some of the most die-hard preppers learned something from this pandemic. If COVID has launched you into the world of prepping and you’re not sure how to start, take advice from the experts.

Lesson #1

Preparing for disasters is similar for a range of emergencies. Water, food, shelter, first aid, and hygiene are all things you need to keep in mind. These are the most important things to worry about as well. Sticking to the basics will cover just about any disaster whether it be a pandemic or a hurricane.

Lesson #2

Social distancing and isolation bring to light the need for comfort items like food, games, books, and a daily exercise routine to stay in shape, as well as to keep in touch with loved ones. Being stuck inside your home for an extended period of time can be depressing. It’s important to keep morale up and power through.

Lesson #3

Conservation is key. When supplies were abundant nobody cared about how much they used. COVID saw people stocking up on supplies such as toilet paper and disinfectant, leading to a shortage. That shows there’s a need for conservation of what supplies you do have, or can find.

Lesson #4

COVID-19 has proven that worse-case scenarios are not a myth. This is why it’s important to prepare before disaster strikes. Stock up on supplies for when times are bad when times are good. Also learn to manage your finances, as you never know if you’re going to have a job.

Lesson #5

The coronavirus has shown us that our supplies can run out fast. That supply can’t keep up with demand. It also brought to light the things people prioritize last minute. People bought the stores out of toilet paper, while canned food remained basically untouched.

Lesson #6

People get scared and panic too easily, voluntarily giving up their freedoms. The majority of people can’t assess a situation logically or rationally.

Lesson #7

Information will keep you ahead of the masses. Staying up-to-date on developing stories can help you stay ahead of the game. If you’re a believer in this ideology, COVID presented the perfect opportunity to test it.

Lesson #8

The average person isn’t ready for a disaster. Granted those who live in an area where hurricanes are common are likely prepared for a hurricane, but not much else. COVID has also shown that the average person has terrible survival skills. If COVID had a higher mortality rate things could’ve been much worse; millions dead even.

Lesson #9

COVID provided us with evidence that many of the things expected to happen when SHTF did happen. Panicking, looting, empty shelves, anarchists, and many casualties are just some of them. The coronavirus gave us an inside look into what could happen, without really punishing us for not being prepared.

Lesson #10

We prepare for a range of scenarios but need to realize that each disaster can change. COVID has a low mortality rate, allowing us to still move about relatively freely. Had the death rate been closer to that of Ebola, we’d have to isolate entirely. The masks used against the coronavirus are much different than that of Ebola. Planning for the worst isn’t always the best.

Lesson #11

There was mild panic at first, but months later and people have become complacent, seeing denial from people who have not been impacted directly by the virus. People were prepared emotionally for a short-term situation when in reality a pandemic is long-term.

Lesson #12

When SHTF it was expected people would come together, which they did at first. As time went on though, those divisions came back, burning any bridges between them. The country continues to divide amidst this pandemic, perhaps more so than before.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while many people prepared for and knew what to expect from this pandemic; it still surprised us. Thankfully, people can use this as a chance to learn and build better preps. Perhaps it opened the eyes of those who would otherwise disregard preppers. Whatever the case may be, we all need to be prepared. This is far from over. Only by working together will we prevail.

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