Military Hush-Hush About Ongoing Investigation

Military Hush-Hush About Ongoing Investigation

( – The US military has seen several mishaps in recent months, mostly with aircraft. Few instances have ended in injury or death, but there have been a fair number of crashes. This most recent incident involved four US Marines, who thankfully were unharmed.

While in-flight fires are rare, they’re not impossible, as the emergency landing of a CH-53E Super Stallion on Thursday would prove. In fact, another in-flight fire occurred in June of 2019; that one also involved a CH-53E Super Stallion.

The four Marines in the recent incident landed the aircraft about 11 miles away from New River, NC, in Dixon. Details of the incident are scarce as the Marines didn’t release much information; the investigation, however, is ongoing.

According to the Jacksonville News, the aircraft caught on fire after it landed and the crew had safely exited the aircraft. The reason for the precautionary landing has not been released. The Marine Corps gave a statement on Thursday thanking the North Carolina Highway Patrol, Onslow County Sheriff’s Office and the Onslow County Medical Service for their quick response.

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