Monroe County, PA Makes $4M Mistake

Monroe County, PA Makes $4M Mistake

( – Everyone makes mistakes, right? However, it’s hard to fathom the full significance of the carnival of errors leading to a $4 million mistake by Pennsylvania’s Monroe County. Here’s the story of what happened.

Four plaintiffs filed a 2015 lawsuit against Monroe County, representing Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms applicants in a class-action suit. The action alleged that between 2009 and 2016, Monroe County sent postcards with no envelope to applicants.

The postcards contained personal information of the applicants, including their names, address, and other private information. As a result, the confidential information of almost 12,000 applicants was potentially revealed.

Additionally, the US Postal Service scanned the postcards with the general mail, meaning all the applicants’ personal information permanently remains in the service’s database.

As a result of this security breach, Monroe County has to come up with a $4 million payment to settle the lawsuit. Barring an appeal, class members should start receiving a check in the mail on or around November 12, 2020.

With a sharp rise in the number of new applications for firearm permits, all parties need to follow proper protocols. Sadly, Monroe County failed to protect applicants’ private information, hence the $4 million in total payouts.

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