New Executive Order Takes Aim at ICC

New Executive Order Takes Aim at ICC

( – President Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he is a president of law and order. He seeks to disband corruption not only in our government, but across the globe. His latest executive order is just more proof of that.

President Trump signed an executive order authorizing economic sanctions to be placed on  International Criminal Court (ICC) employees. Specifically, those who are investigating US intelligence and military personnel at Russia’s request.

Administration officials accuse Russia of improperly influencing ICC employees who are carrying out investigations on the United States. The ICC has no jurisdiction over US personnel as the US is not part of the ICC’s Rome Statute as stated by Mike Pompeo.

The executive order authorizes Mike Pompeo, Attorney General William Barr, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to freeze ICC employee assets held by the US. This will target those directly involved in the attempt to investigate, detain, arrest, or prosecute any US personnel under the International Economic Powers Act. Further action can be taken against those who may have them in the investigation to block those employees from entering the US.

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