Newspapers — Multi-Purpose Survival Product

Newspapers — Multi-Purpose Survival Product

( – There are some obvious survival uses for newspapers, like using it to start a fire or even for worst-case toilet paper. But, with some out-of-the-box thinking, newspapers can do far more than that. Let’s take a look!

Not a lot of people would guess that paper could stop a bullet. After all, a sheet of paper is thin, flimsy, and weak. However, when you stack it together like a phone book, it becomes strong enough to stop a bullet and other projectiles like arrows.

Newspapers are also great for providing insulation from the elements. In fact, people used it to insulate their houses 100 years ago. Similarly, you can use newspapers to insulate water pipes to prevent them from freezing.

You can layer paper under your sleeping bag to insulate yourself from the ground and help you stay dry. And, you can also use newspapers to help block drafts around your windows and insulate them in extreme climate conditions.

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