Riot Violence Escalates to New Extreme

Riot Violence Escalates to New Extreme

( – As peaceful protests become riots, and riots turn into looting sprees, it seems we’re moving further and further away from a solution. Almost every day the protests, riots, police retaliation, and, sometimes instigation, become more extreme. So much so that that the National Guard has been called to many cities.

Unfortunately, the more extreme either side becomes, the more people that will get hurt. This is especially true of an unidentified rioter who has been killed.

Louisville Metro Police Chief, Steve Conrad, has stated that his officers, alongside the National Guard, were sent to break up a crowd about a quarter after midnight on June 1. When the Guard and officers began to clear the parking lot, they were shot at and returned fire, leaving one dead at the scene. Louisville authorities did not specify who fired the fatal shot, nor did they release information on the deceased.

Hopefully, these kinds of events won’t become the new normal in the days and weeks to come.

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