Rioters Take Up Unconventional Weapons

Rioters Take Up Unconventional Weapons

( – Portland has seen demonstrations of more than 1,000 for over 8 weeks. As tensions rise, the riots and rioters become more intense. This has called for more law enforcement, which has led to the mob using anything they can as a weapon.

This was the case on Monday night when “protesters” shined lasers into the eyes of federal officers. According to Federal Protection Services (FPS) Deputy Director of Operations Richard “Kriss” Cline, three officers are in the hospital with eye injuries they may not recover from. The incident prompted anti-laser glasses to be purchased by the FPS for federal officers to wear and protect themselves.

The unrest that unfolded late Monday night into early Tuesday morning resulted in seven arrests, two of which allegedly assaulted federal officers. Five others were arrested for insubordination to law enforcement. One FPS officer and one US Marshal were assaulted. Another FPS officer was struck with a glass bottle thrown by rioters.

Cline also stated that the officers’ names would be removed from the uniforms and replaced by badge numbers, after about 38 officers were apparently doxed.

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