SAS Tactical Survival Bow Review

SAS Tactical Survival Bow Review

( – Bows have a lot of advantages as a survival weapon: they’re quiet, you can reuse or make ammunition, and they’re capable of bringing down most small or medium game animals. The problem is, most are also long and relatively fragile.

Survival Archery Systems has looked at what’s really needed for a survival bow, and come up with a great takedown model that can be folded up to fit in a pack.

Many preppers and survivalists discount bows, but that’s a mistake. A bow is lighter and quieter than any rifle – this one weighs in at just over two pounds – but beats some handguns on range.

The SAS Tactical Survival Bow comes in three draw weights, up to a punchy 65 pounds. You can store takedown arrows inside the folded bow, then use the bow’s carrying case as a quiver, once everything’s assembled.

This bow is a tough, versatile survival tool designed by people who understand both archery and survival.

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