Science Fiction or Military Reality?

Science Fiction or Military Reality?

( – The military is always looking for ways to achieve an advantage on the battlefield. This is how we’ve gained the technology that we currently have. Typically the more advanced a military force is, the more dominant it is. If the American force is anything, it’s dominant.

Soldiers will be shooting lasers from Stryker combat vehicles in next year’s testing, in a quest to select a firm to outfit the vehicles with the weapons. The statement came from the Army’s head of directed-energy weapon effort on Wednesday. Part of the Army’s strategy to stay up-to-date with the most modern technology, they stress the importance of the soldiers being integrated in the development of equipment.

The US Army chose Raytheon and Northrop in July of 2019, to develop competing 50-kilowatt laser-equipped Stryker prototypes; a part of the $203 million deal including Kord Technologies as the main contractor. Once deployed the laser-equipped Strykers will protect troops from unmanned aerial systems (UAS), rockets, and mortars.

The Strykers will also be equipped with conventional air defense weaponry, alongside the laser system. Both companies will bring their prototypes to the shoot-out; one will become the first of four vehicles to be deployed.

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