SCOTUS Deals Blow To 2A Activists

SCOTUS Deals Blow To 2A Activists

( – There has been promise for 2A advocates over the course of 2020, which many have taken as a good sign. For a while, it seemed as though the battle of gun rights vs gun laws was going in favor of 2A activists. After this decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), however, it seems there’s still a long battle ahead.

The Supreme Court denied the appeal of 10 cases involving gun laws on Monday morning, June 15. This decision came just weeks after the justices stated they didn’t have a firm opinion on the court’s first Second Amendment case in nearly 10 years.

One petition for appeal involved whether or not a state can limit handgun permits to those that can prove they need it for self-defense purposes. Another asked if Illinois and Massachusetts could ban assault rifles and large-capacity magazines.

Second Amendment advocates have spent a decade trying to get the court to review whether these laws on guns were indeed lawful. Unfortunately, the SCOTUS is denying these petitions to appeal, which is a major setback to gun rights activists.

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