Survival Blanket: Multiple Uses Wrapped in One

Survival Blanket: Multiple Uses Wrapped in One

( – A survival blanket is an essential item to include in your survival bag or kit. It’s always nice to include items that you can use for more than one purpose, and survival blankets definitely fall into that category.

For instance, you can build a variety of shelters using a survival blanket, as the video shows. Similarly, you can also use them like a tarp.

You can use survival blankets for collecting water due to their non-porous construction. The easiest way to accomplish this is to tie all four corners to separate trees and weigh the middle down with an object to create a funnel.

If you’re lost in the woods, these blankets can be lifesavers. Thanks to the space blanket’s reflective properties, you can signal for help by redirecting light in the direction of a plane. You can also use their reflective properties to start a fire.

Survival blankets appear to be made from aluminum foil, but we can assure you they aren’t. However, we do recommend you check out these survival uses for aluminum foil.

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