The Mighty Q-Tip

The Mighty Q-Tip

( – Most households have a steady supply of Q-tips. However, they usually get overlooked when it comes to their extra value in a survival situation. You just have to know how to use them. Here are some ways to use them other than cleaning your ears.

You can use Q-tips to pollinate plants, as demonstrated in the video above. This alternate use may become helpful for gardening before or after SHTF. These cotton swabs work well as a makeshift applicator to apply ointment to a wound, glue to a surface, or wax a stubborn zipper as well.

A Q-tip can double as an eyedropper to regulate the amount of bleach used to purify water. They will even work well as fuel to start a fire. Q-tips come in handy to clean those hard-to-reach places on a radio, electronics, or your firearm; and you can use one to clean small items.

It’s clear to see, Q-tips are a useful item to include in your prep supplies. Check out these other items you should stock up to help you survive an unexpected emergency or SHTF situation.

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