Timing — Your Best Defense

Timing — Your Best Defense

(TacticalNews.com) – There are hundreds of ways to defend yourself with different techniques and tools. However, one of the best options for defense is correct timing. Nothing will throw an attacker off quicker than an on point response.

Expert Sullivan Cauley demonstrates why timing is important.

Cauley’s video displays the push kick as an example of good timing, but the lesson applies to all types of defensive and offensive strikes. The push kick, which is also known as a teep kick in Muay Thai, is a great way to create distance between yourself and your opponent. While the move may seem more like offense than defense, it can easily interrupt an incoming attack.

As noted above, timing is crucial to the kick’s effectiveness, along with its shape. Poorly timed or shaped kicks open you up for a counterattack. Above all, remember that the teep kick isn’t something you can learn overnight. It takes practice, like any other skill.

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