Trump Makes History With This Decision

Trump Makes History With This Decision

( – President Donald Trump has had a remarkable presidency. He keeps his campaign promises, not to mention making history on multiple occasions. People call Trump racist and bigoted, but fail to see their falsehood of their claims.

When it comes to the African-American community, President Trump has done a great deal. He’s both given more money to historically black colleges and dropped African-American unemployment to an all-time low. Now, Trump is making history once again.

With Gen. David Goldfein being set to retire in September, the USAF needed someone to take his place. President Trump appointed Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown to be the service’s 22nd chief of staff. This will be the first-ever African-American to serve as a top uniformed officer of any branch of the military.

The Senate decided Brown’s fate to be the new leader of the USAF with a unanimous vote of 98-0. Brown is a highly-decorated commander. Since his commission in 1984, he has documented more than 2,900 flight hours with 130 being combat hours. President Trump looks forward to working more closely with Brown, calling him a great patriot and leader.

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