Trump’s Secret Weapon…Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen

Trump's Secret Weapon...Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen

( – President Trump often speaks in hyperboles. So when he said the US has a secret weapon like nothing anyone has ever seen, people likely took it with a grain of salt. However, this time he may not be exaggerating:

During an interview with Bob Woodward, President Trump stated that the US has a new nuclear weapons system. He indicated that, “We have stuff that you haven’t ever seen or heard about.” The statement came as Woodward and President Trump were discussing tensions between North Korea and the US.

According to a report made by The Washington Post, Bob Woodward’s newly published book provides an inside look into Trump’s White House. It reveals that military officials confirmed the existence of a “secret weapon.” Task and Purpose, a defense publication, stated that President Trump may have been talking about a weapon that was announced in February of 2018.

The weapon in question was the W76-2 warhead, purported to be a low-cost addition to America’s nuclear arsenal. We should all be thankful that our president supports high-tech innovation in the military, unlike the previous administration.

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