Why Everyone Should Keep a Sponge in Their Survival Gear

Why Everyone Should Keep a Sponge in Their Survival Gear

(TacticalNews.com) – We’ve already published an article discussing several household items you can use for survival in a pinch. However, there’s a near endless list of everyday items you can use in an emergency. You never know when s*** might hit the fan. Are you prepared?

As it turns out, an ordinary household sponge can help you survive a SHTF situation. The video above reminds us that sponges are great for collecting drinking water in the morning from sheet metal, automobiles, grass and other foliage.

Sponges are also soft, making them ideal for cushioning breaks and sprains in need of splinting. Thanks to the porous nature of a sponge, you can also use one to help stop bleeding.

A great feature of sponges is the ability to quickly and easily trim them depending on their intended use. Additionally, sponges are lightweight and compressible when dry, making them easy to add to your survival gear.

As you can see, sponges are a great addition to your survival gear. Check out the benefits of adding some Q-tips to your kit too.

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