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Coronavirus Conquered Unexpectedly

Coronavirus Conquered Unexpectedly

( – The world is looking grim lately, but it’s not all bad. If we look hard enough, we can find a bit of sunshine showing through the gloomy sky. Sometimes, that sunshine comes in the form of people who beat the odds.

A man with a confirmed case of coronavirus has been given the all-clear from the hospital in which he had been staying. At 87 years old, he’s well above the ‘at-risk’ age and can be seen punching the air in excitement after fully recovering from COVID-19.

No doubt full of relief and joy after his mostly unexpected recovery, he speaks out with thanks. “I want to express my gratitude for the treatment and care I received from the hospital staff that helped me achieve such a fast recovery.”

CT scans of the patient’s lungs demonstrated marked improvement, giving him optimism that he would soon be back enjoying his favorite hobby, playing the violin.

Remember, statistics are just numbers. The human spirit accomplishes amazing things on a daily basis. You can help by spreading your own gratitude and resilience, especially in these trying times.

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