Travel Tip: This Item Could Save Your Life

Travel Tip: This Item Could Save Your Life

( – International travel can be exciting, especially if you’ve never traveled abroad. However, you’re a long way from home, and you don’t want to get stranded or find yourself in harm’s way. Fortunately, there’s an item that you can carry with you that protects you against both.

As the video explains, many passports are red, but American ones are blue. Hijackers and other terrorists frequently have hostages hold up their passports to identify and single out Americans. Additionally, you run the risk of being forced to hand over your passport during a robbery or mugging.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to keep a mock passport in the same location as your real one. You can find memo pads online the same size as a passport and constructed using similar materials. It’s best to buy one that’s passport red in case you ever find yourself in a hostage situation. It’s also useful during a robbery as thieves typically just grab your passport and run without giving a thorough look.

Sometimes you’re forced to live off of what you have on your person. Check out how you can survive with what you’re carrying in your pocket.

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