Could You Avoid Being Tracked On Foot?

Could You Avoid Being Tracked On Foot?

( – You never know who might be a friend or a foe when SHTF. Everyone from hunger-crazed individuals to roving bands of outlaws could present a danger to you, your loved ones, and survival mates. For that reason, you’ll want to employ some counter-tracking measures to evade capture — or worse.

You may be thinking, “that sounds great, but where do I begin?” Never fear, the rest of this article will quickly discuss some simple techniques to avoid being tracked on foot.

Keep Out of Sight

The first being that you need to do is stay out of sight. That means camouflaging yourself, using natural cover, avoiding silhouetting, and moving when visibility is low. Using mud and berries for face paint can work wonders for hiding yourself from others.

Likewise, you can use trees, large rocks, and shrubs to conceal your movements. To avoid creating a silhouette of yourself, stay off of hilltops and ridges where there is nothing behind you but the sky. Move close to the ground and be sure there is always something behind you.

Maintain a Low Profile

Now that staying out of sight has been covered, let’s move on to keeping a small profile. Avoid leaving biological waste behind like urine or feces. Similarly, make sure to police your area of any food wrappers, clothing, and other items indicating your presence.

The environment is both your enemy and your ally, be sure to avoid soft ground and long grass as they can leave a distinguishable trail. Be sure only to make fires when absolutely necessary, as the smell of smoke will give away your position. In the wilderness, noise can travel much further than you think, be sure to keep the noise you make to a minimum.

The Art of Deception

There are times when you can’t avoid leaving tracks. There are a few ways you can trick someone into thinking you’re heading in one direction when you’re actually going the opposite way. Walking backward is one way of deceiving others. However, experienced trackers can see past this ruse, so plan on bugging out quickly if you choose this method.

Doubling back is another useful technique. What you do is walk in one direction and then go backward, placing your feet in the tracks you already made. Once you find a good spot to jump off the trail, you can continue your trek.

Final Notes

Armed with the proper skills and practice, you can easily avoid being tracked. We already covered the necessity to avoid creating smoke. But, did you know you can build a smokeless fire to cook, purify water, and for warmth? Check out our article telling you exactly how to accomplish this useful feat.

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