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Guardian Gear Tactical Sunglasses

Get Your Virtually Indestructible Polarized Tactical Sunglasses With 5 Shatter Proof Interchangeable Lenses For 75% Off! The Guardian Gear...

The Steel River Pearl Stiletto

This Iconic Italian Blade Finally Has Been Released to the Public! Immediately following WWII, American soldiers brought this particular blade...

Exclusive – AR Pistol Home Defense Book

Today, I want you to get your hands on a new book that reveals very special AR Pistol home...

Have a Care Package Delivered To Your Front Door...

Battlbox has a very UNIQUE subscription box service, made for the avid outdoorsman, the hunter, the survivalist, or serviceman. They...


Tactical Weapon Storage for the Average Home

( - On any given day, you can do a search for tactical weapon storage items and furniture and...

Defending Yourself Against a Larger Opponent

( - Finding yourself in a street fight is always a dangerous situation, but when you’re facing off against...

#1 Survival Trait

#1 Survival Trait ( - When most people think of prepping or survival traits they think in terms of physical...


Coronavirus Bioweapon Evidence?

Coronavirus Bioweapon Evidence?

( – The coronavirus has swept through the world like a tidal wave. Spreading from W ....Click Here to Read More

Unlikely Coronavirus Heroes Rescue Americans

Unlikely Coronavirus Heroes Rescue Americans

( – In these troubled times, good news seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs ....Click Here to Read More

Unbelievable COVID Tragedy Uncovered

Unbelievable COVID Tragedy Uncovered

( – Humans are amazing creatures that are capable of greatness and compassion. Un ....Click Here to Read More




Hornady A-TIP Bullet Review

( - There are a lot of things that are important when it comes to nailing the bullseye. Of those things, consistency is often...

Springfield Armory Hellcat Review

( - For many, a subcompact 9mm sounds like a good idea, but doesn’t always work well because it's subcompact. Traditionally, by its very...

Biolite CampStove Review

( - Why settle for a simple camp stove when you can get one that will charge your cell phone, or any other USB...

Imalent MS-18 Review

( - It’s big, it’s bulky, and it is capable of turning the night into the day (or close to it). Don’t believe us?...

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