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First Things to Do after SHTF

First Things to Do after SHTF

( – When facing an emergency situation, stress and panic can cause us to make poor decisions that could prove deadly. This is why having a plan in place before such an event can be the deciding factor in what keeps us alive.

Our friends at City Prepping have created a list of ten things to do immediately following a SHTF event.

The steps include such topics as communication, bugging out, bugging in, operational security, and becoming a grey man.

Having a plan for an emergency will give you tasks to focus on, which is a known way to stave off panic — just make sure you rehearse the process prior to needing it. These steps can put you miles ahead of the unprepared masses, helping you to endure the event and the following chaos. Stay prepared to stay alive!

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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