Trump Rally Receives Shocking Turnout

( – Former President Donald Trump held a rally in the Bronx on May 23. The native New Yorker traveled to the deep borough to try to peel more voters away from the incumbent POTUS, Joe Biden. Thousands of people attended the rally. Trump’s rally took place at Crotona Park in the South Bronx as […]

Dems Block New Legislation to Deter Child Trafficking

( – US Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has made children one of her top priorities as a member of Congress. In early May, President Joe Biden signed one of her bipartisan bills into law that protects kids in cyberspace. That bipartisanship was not extended to a bill that seeks to deter child trafficking at the […]

Former Rival Announces Trump Endorsement

( – Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was one of former President Donald Trump’s most persistent opponents in the GOP primary. She refused to drop out of the race for months and didn’t endorse him right away, saying she didn’t feel the need to kiss his ring. That has now changed. On May 22, […]

Another County Votes to Secede From Blue State

( – Conservatives in Oregon are pushing to change the state’s boundaries. Voters in some of the rural districts feel as though Idaho’s values better represent them and want to make their state much smaller. Another county has now jumped on board. On Tuesday, May 21, voters headed to the polls in Oregon’s primary election. […]

Fani Willis Picks Up Big Win Despite Months of Drama

( – The Georgia district attorney who’s leading the election interference case against former President Donald Trump has won a major boost to her re-election chances. Fani Willis just crushed her opponent in the Democrat primary. Now, she’ll be facing a pro-Trump Republican in November — and she’s also under a cloud for allegedly giving […]

Speaker Mike Johnson Suffers Another Loss

( – House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) isn’t having a great year so far. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has already threatened to unseat him, although that threat seems to have fizzled out, but he’s also losing people from his office. Now, another key staffer has just quit. On May 21, Axios reported that Raj […]

Alleged Chinese Spy Found Dead

( – The British government charged 37-year-old Matthew Trickett with allegedly spying for the Chinese government in early May. The former Royal Marine was released from police custody on May 13. Days later, he was found dead. On May 19, someone found Trickett dead in Grenfell Park in Maidenhead, England. The town is just west […]

Biden Releases Reserve Gasoline to Lower Costs

( – High gas prices have marred President Joe Biden’s first term in office. For the sixth straight year, America has led the world in oil production but that hasn’t helped keep the cost down. Now the president, at the behest of Congress, is releasing gasoline. On May 21, the Energy Department announced that the […]

NRA Elects Replacement for Disgraced Ex-President

( – The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been in shambles over the last several years. The former leader of the gun rights organization was accused of spending millions on personal expenses and other luxuries. Now, the board of directors has picked a new president. On May 20, the NRA announced its board chose former […]

Coup Attempt Ends With One American Dead, Others Arrested

( – The Democratic Republic of Congo’s military announced it recently thwarted a coup attempt. Multiple people died in a shootout with authorities. New information also suggests Americans might have been involved. On May 19, Brig. Gen. Sylvai Ekenge, a Congolese Army spokesperson, said the coup attempt was stopped in the early hours of the […]

Judge Merchan Melts Down Over Trump Witness

( – The prosecution wrapped up its case in former President Donald Trump’s financial crimes trial in New York City, on May 20. The defense called a witness to the stand soon after. That witness clashed with the judge. The defense called lawyer Robert Costello to the stand as a rebuttal witness to discredit Michael […]

Churches Urged to Bring in Armed Security

( – Churches are supposed to be places where Americans feel their safest. Unfortunately, that’s not the case any longer. Experts are warning houses of worship to hire security and take other steps to prevent tragedy. Earlier this month, an armed man walked into a Pennsylvania church and pointed a gun at Pastor Glenn Germany. […]

State Department Issues Dire Warning to Americans Abroad

( – June is Pride Month in the US. Celebrations will take place across the country to celebrate LGBTQ+ Americans. Federal law enforcement officials recently issued a warning about the events. On May 17, the US State Department issued a security alert for the LGBTQ+ community, warning them of potential demonstrations, violent actions, or terrorist […]

Biden Paints a Horrible Picture of America at Commencement Speech

( – It’s graduation season, which means politicians and celebrities are speaking at commencement ceremonies across the country. President Joe Biden recently traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to speak at Morehouse College. He’s now facing criticism for his divisive words. On May 19, Biden was the keynote speaker at the historically black college’s graduation ceremony. Hundreds […]

Dem. Congressman Suggests His Party Should Scrap Convention

( – The 1968 Democratic Convention is infamous for its dysfunction. It was held during a year of massive riots and civil unrest. A congressman recently said his party should cancel this year’s convention. On May 15, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) appeared on Fox News’ “Special Report” and spoke to host Bret Baier. The congressman […]

Massive Sentences Handed Down to Pro-Life Activists

( – Seven pro-life activists have been hit with harsh prison sentences. The group was arrested in 2020 and convicted in August and September of last year. Since then, they’ve been in jail awaiting sentencing. Now, they’re facing even more time behind bars. On October 22, 2020, a group of activists protested outside the Washington […]

Appeals Court Deals Massive Blow to Parental Rights

( – Maryland parents trying to protect their children from gender dogma have suffered a major setback. A federal court has just rejected their appeal against a lower court’s denial of an opt-out from LGBTQ classes. Now they’re planning an appeal. Last June, parents in Montgomery County, Maryland, began protesting against the LGBTQ curriculum adopted […]

Dems Help GOP Pass New Crime Bill

( – Washington, DC, has experienced several high-profile crimes. A carjacker killed a former official of Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s administrations, a congressman was carjacked, and another member of Congress was attacked in an elevator. Congress has now taken action to overhaul the capital city’s crime policies. On May 15, the House of Representatives […]

University President Suspended After Caving to Demands

( – Pro-Palestine protests have ripped across the nation. Students have demanded their universities divest from Israel. One university president caved to pressure and he’s now been suspended. On Wednesday, May 15, California State University suspended Sonoma State campus President Mike Lee. Chancellor Mildred García issued a statement saying Lee didn’t have “appropriate approvals” to […]

Governor Banned Over Insulting Remarks

( – South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) is a rising star in the Republican Party. She was once regularly mentioned as a possible running mate for former President Donald Trump. Recently, she has been embroiled in scandals. Noem’s state has a large Native American population with many tribes. On May 14, the Crow Creek […]

Government Vehicles Ambushed in Deadly Jailbreak

( – France isn’t a place that often comes to mind when thinking about gang bosses. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist there. In fact, the presence of powerful criminals in the country was on full display recently in a violent ambush. On May 14, officers in France were transporting Mohamed “The Fly” Amra […]

Drone Footage Shows Gunmen at UN’s Rafah Compound

( – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said an invasion of Rafah is imminent. The PM and other Israeli officials believe the only way to rid Gaza of Hamas is to fight them in their last stronghold. Recently, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released troubling footage. On May 14, the IDF posted footage on […]

Biden Ready to Debate Trump Sooner Than Expected

( – Former President Donald Trump didn’t attend any of the GOP primary debates. That left some wondering whether he would debate President Joe Biden in the general. Then there were questions about whether the Democrat would participate. The incumbent POTUS answered that question when he challenged Trump to two debates. They’ve now agreed on […]

American Troops Ordered to Pull Out

( – Russia has greatly expanded its influence on African countries. The United States has tried to counter Russian President Vladimir Putin’s influence and fight terrorism in the region at the same time. In a significant blow to the US influence on the continent, the Defense Department ordered American troops to leave Niger. In March, […]

DA Paralegal Testifies That Cohen Cut Call Short

( – Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, took the stand in the New York criminal case. He was called the star witness by the press. After he left the stand, a paralegal from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office testified and dropped a bombshell. Jaden Jarmel-Schneider worked on the Trump case in the prosecutor’s office. […]

Beloved Actor Bloodied in Random Act of Violence

( – Actor Steve Buscemi is a beloved New Yorker and American icon. Before he made it in Hollywood, he was a firefighter. After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, he volunteered with the FDNY and helped them look for survivors at Ground Zero. Sadly, he was attacked in his hometown for no apparent reason. […]

UN Drops Casualty Counts by Nearly 50%

( – There’s no denying that Israel has killed a lot of civilians in its war against Hamas. Since the beginning, experts have questioned the number of dead being released by the Gaza Health Ministry because Hamas runs it. Now, the United Nations has slashed the casualty count in half for women and children. The […]

Rescue Teams Discover Yet Another Mass Grave in Gaza

( – Al-Shifa Hospital was the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip. In March, the Israeli military raided the complex, claiming there were members of Hamas hiding there. Reports have now indicated another mass grave was uncovered at the hospital. The siege on the hospital ended on April 1. Palestinian emergency workers who were […]

Barron Trump to Make Political Debut

( – Since Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 he’s done all he can to shelter his son Barron from the rough and tumble world of politics. Now that’s changing. The Florida Republican Party has just chosen the 18-year-old as one of its representatives at the Republican National Convention (RNC). On May 8, the […]

Pro-Palestine Activists Assault Reporter at College Campus Encampment

( – Turning Point USA’s founder Charlie Kirk recently traveled to the University of Washington (UW) for an event. The organization’s journalism group, Frontlines, traveled there with him. Far-left agitators allegedly assaulted one of these journalists. On May 7, Frontlines journalist Jonathan Choe was at UW reporting on what was happening in the hours leading […]

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