3 Surprising Substitutes for Coffee

3 Surprising Substitutes for Coffee

(TacticalNews.com) – In the aftermath of a major disaster, people are going to miss a lot of everyday things they currently take for granted. Air conditioning and running water are certain to make the list. Another item that’s going to become scarce for a majority of people is coffee. The good news is there are some surprisingly tasty coffee substitutes available… if you know where to look.

#1: Fig Coffee

Figs are a great substitute for coffee and even make a good dessert when dried. The plants that grow these fruits, fig trees, adapt well in a number of climates and are common in many areas. You first need to allow the figs to dry. Then, you can process the core and grind it into powder. The best part is that you only need a couple of figs to make coffee.

#2: Dandelion and Chicory Coffee

You can find both dandelion and chicory plants in direct sunlight, making them easy to locate. Chicory and dandelion plants have medicinal properties, but you’ll need the roots to make your coffee substitute. You process them by washing, then roasting and grinding them into a powder. Now, you can steep the mix and enjoy a cup of dandelion and chicory coffee.

#3: Acorn Coffee

Both beech and oak trees produce acorns that, when processed correctly, make a great coffee alternative. First, you’ll need to ditch the outer shells of the acorns and store them in a dry area. You can then proceed to grind them into flour, which you can mix with hot water to make the coffee.

Acorns are also one of the best flour substitutes you can find after SHTF, although there are other good choices. Be sure to check out these additional alternatives to flour.

Did you know these plants could be used as a substitute for coffee? Do you know of any other substitutes for popular drinks that could come in handy in a post-apocalyptic environment? Reply to your email and share your thoughts, we would love to hear from you!

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