Using Plastic Bags for Survival

Discover Magical Uses of Plastic Bags

( – Many of us use plastic bags regularly when we go shopping. Unfortunately, most of these bags end up in landfills. However, before you shrug your shoulders and throw away those bags, check out their numerous alternative uses.

Individually, plastic bags aren’t very strong, but their tensile strength increases when you put several of them together. For this reason, you can follow the video above and create rope using only plastic bags.

Applying the same logic, you can layer plastic bags and use them to create a shelter, insulate yourself, create a bed, and create rain protection. Likewise, you can build a small greenhouse with plastic bags to protect your plants.

Plastic bags can even mark your trail if you’re hiking in unknown territory or at night. You can also use them to start a fire. Sounds impressive, huh? It’s actually quite simple. Find some small kindling or tree bark and place it in a loose pile. Next, take some water and put it in a plastic bag. Ziplock bags work great for this task. Then, hold the bag full of water over the kindling like you would a magnifying glass and let the sun do the rest of the work for you.

Plastic bags aren’t the only trash providing convenient alternate uses. Check out how you can use plastic bottles for survival.

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