Garlic — Not Just for Cooking

Garlic — Not Just for Cooking

( – Garlic, you either love it or you don’t. Many of us already know it’s great for warding off vampires. It also goes well in most recipes. What if I told you this vegetable also has several hidden uses? Some of them may even surprise you.

Many people may not realize it, but cloves of garlic carry pest control properties. Consuming approximately 3-4 raw cloves a day can aid in clearing your digestive tract of intestinal parasites, help to promote beneficial flora and improve digestion.

Maybe you aren’t looking for a cleansing diet and would much rather find a way to keep those pesky mosquitoes away. Try this easy-to-make mosquito spray. Allow minced garlic to set for 24 hours in an ounce of mineral oil. Strain, add the oil, one teaspoon of lemon juice, and 2 cups of water to a spray bottle and shake until mixture is combined. Instant bug spray.

Garlic carries a biologically active component called allicin, which makes it great for health purposes. Researchers claim allicin helps to prevent and cure viral and bacterial infections. Many users find garlic a sure-fire way to cure or prevent colds. Some even create cough syrup to alleviate excess mucus and reduce inflammation by steeping diced cloves in hot water and drinking the liquid. Add honey for flavor and to soothe the throat. Eat 3-4 raw cloves a day for the best potency.

Have a child with an ear infection? Ease their pain with garlic oil ear drops. Healthline recently discussed two studies that found garlic oil drops managed ear pain just as well as over-the-counter drops yet seemed to be more effective at numbing the ear. You can purchase the oil or make it yourself. Add crushed garlic to hot olive oil and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain, cool and add 3 drops to the ear canal by eye dropper.

Maybe athlete’s foot is an issue. Garlic has intense antifungal properties, making it just what the doctor ordered. Create a foot bath by crushing 3-5 cloves into warm water and soak your feet for about 30 minutes. Repeat as necessary.

This last one may surprise you. Next time you get a splinter, don’t reach for that magnifying glass and dreaded needle. Instead, grab a sliver of garlic, place it over the splinter and hold it in place with a Band-Aid. In a few hours, remove the Band-Aid, and the splinter should come out as well.

Now that you know the secrets garlic holds, check out those that your household tools have in store for you.

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