Survival Fitness: It’s Not What Many Think

Survival Fitness: It’s Not What Many Think

( – When most people think about what a “fit” person looks like, popular icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson often come to mind. Sure, these men may look amazing, but are they really fit to face a survival situation?

In the following video, BlackScoutSurvival discusses what it means to be “survival fit” and why it isn’t what many people think:

Bodybuilders may have amazing muscles, but in a survival situation, those muscles won’t be much help. They aren’t used to working in ways that will be required for practical survival. Bench pressing doesn’t build the muscles required to haul a game animal out of the brush, for example.

Professional athletes are also on a strict diet and nutrition regimen. In order to build that much bulk, they have to eat. A LOT. Even marathon runners have to digest large amounts of carbs prior to a run in order to make it through. In a survival situation, chances are that keeping up that level of food intake isn’t going to be possible.

To be survival fit means being able to hike long distances, function without certain kinds of food if necessary (such as carbohydrates), and carry heavy loads. Endurance is what is required, not chiseled abs.

To become survival fit doesn’t require a gym membership. Picking up a sandbag, or duffle bag full of rocks, tossing it over a shoulder and heading out on a walk will work more of the needed muscles than most of the equipment in a gym. This type of workout will prepare your body for the rigors of carrying a deer carcass, a broken pack, or even a wounded family member if necessary.

Other real-world, functional exercises that help develop survival fitness are:

  • Chopping firewood
  • Hiking with your bug-out bag
  • Using a fireman’s carry on a friend or family member
  • Holding a rifle for extended periods of time

At the end of the day, what’s important is being able to handle the circumstances life throws your way. Being ready to face an emergency, both physically and mentally, is key to survival.

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