Track Distance With Pace Count Beads

Track Distance With Pace Count Beads

( – Most people go about their day without ever giving a single thought about how far they walk, or how fast they walk for that matter. But in a survival situation, such as being lost in the woods, this information could be vital to survival.

One way to track the amount of distance traveled is by using a set of pace count beads. By using this to count the number of steps taken or even the number of meters that have been traversed, one can know exactly how far they’ve gone – and how far it is to get back to camp, for example.


The video above demonstrates how you can create your own set of pace count beads and how to use them. However, it doesn’t explain how to know when you’ve traveled 100 meters.

Thankfully, there is a way to determine how far you’ve traveled. First, you need to know how fast you travel. On average, a human walks at 3-4 miles per hour (mph) or 1.4 meters per second (m/s). Your speed may vary, so be sure to measure it.

Next, you’ll need to time how fast you can walk a determined length. For example, measure out 100 meters, get a timer ready and start walking, stopping the timer at the end of 100 meters.

Now, you have the length of time it takes you to walk 100 meters, and you can use that to determine how far you travel by using the formula to find the distance traveled (Distance = Speed x Time). You know how fast you can walk, so you can multiply your speed by the amount of time you’ve traveled to find how far you’ve traveled.

You can now effectively and efficiently use your beads to determine the distance you’ve traveled. This skill could come in handy if you ever find yourself lost in the woods or in trouble where you’re being tracked. Before you leave, check out how you can avoid being tracked on foot.

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