How To Spot A Fake Police Officer

Men in Blue — Fake or True

( – Criminals are getting smarter and harder to detect. Officials and law enforcement are often trusted by their community. However, crafty criminals see this as an opportunity.

The impersonation of a law enforcement officer or official is nothing new. However, the relative ease by which criminals can get their hands on police equipment has increasingly worked to their advantage. Thankfully, we have ways of determining if a uniformed person we encounter is, in fact, a real police officer.

For example, you can call dispatch in nearly every instance to confirm an officer’s presence at your location. If you’re at home, look for a squad car; if the vehicle is beaten up or looks different than other squad cars in your community, the individual probably isn’t a real cop.

Of course, many people would be quick to grab a weapon to defend themselves. After all, if a person would risk the consequences of being caught impersonating an officer, they’re likely not opposed to harming someone. However, this impulse to grab a weapon and defend yourself can get you killed, especially if the person turns out to be a real cop. That’s why it’s essential to call the dispatch or your local station or sheriff’s department.

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