Sunflower Secrets That Can Save Lives

Sunflower Secrets That Can Save Lives

( – There are several plants in the world that can help people survive, far more than most realize. When it comes to growing plants for food, generally garden plants are what come to mind. But there are plenty of other plants that can be eaten that are often overlooked, take the sunflower for example. Not only can they provide a surprising amount of nutrition, but they’re also great for a number of other survival purposes as well.

Perhaps the best thing about sunflowers is that the entire plant is usable and safe for human consumption. Most people think only the seeds are edible. Sunflowers are also nut-free, gluten-free, and grain-free as well as being keto friendly, making the plant great for any diet. The fun doesn’t stop there as sunflower uses go well beyond the kitchen.

Depending on the species of the sunflower, you can utilize the stalk to make a shelter, such as a teepee. Feeling bored with nothing to do? Well, you can make a flute from sunflower stalks to help pass the time. In addition, these gorgeous flowers can decorate your yard, which can increase morale, until they’re ready to harvest.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, scientists are using sunflowers to clean up radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, a process that proved successful previously near Chernobyl. As you can see, sunflowers are useful for a number of reasons, food only being one of the ways to utilize the plant.

While not known as the “plant of life,” sunflowers can certainly save yours if you know how to take advantage of what they have to offer. If you want to learn more about the “tree of life” be sure to check out the Moringa Tree.

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