Surprising Dangers of Magnet Fishing

Surprising Dangers of Magnet Fishing

( – Magnet fishing is an attractive new hobby that seems to be gaining popularity. However, as with any outdoor activity, it does have its risks.

Magnet fishing is pretty self-explanatory: You tie a magnet, often a powerful one, to the end of a rope, throw it out into the water and drag it along the bottom of rivers, lakes, ponds and other bodies of water. Often, all you’re going to “catch” is old pieces of metal that you can sell as scrap.

There are instances when you may reel in knives or other cool items. No matter how neat the find, play it safe when retrieving it. Remember, most of these items will be iron or ferrous and therefore rusty and sometimes sharp. In addition to what you catch being potentially hazardous, the sun can cause sunburn, and if you’re not careful, you can become dehydrated.

You also need to be considerate of the wildlife around you as you may be in their territory, prompting a not-so-great response. People being around you may not seem so bad, but you never know when someone is desperate enough to rob you of anything you find in the water.

Last but not least, you can easily get lost as the best places to magnet fish are the ones where not many people go. In other words, you’re likely going to be trekking into the woods for some time and could get lost. However, if you learn to navigate with a map and compass and know how to determine your directions, you can greatly reduce the risk.

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