Why You Should Never Throw Out Animal Bones

Why You Should Never Throw Out Animal Bones

(TacticalNews.com) – Whether you stumble across some bones in the woods or you’re trying to use every part of an animal, they all have their unique uses. Of course, random bones in the woods probably aren’t the best items to make anything consumable out of, but they can still work as weapons or tools. Whatever the case may be, there are ways you can utilize bones rather than throwing them away.

Bone Meal

Before you go out and start eating bones, know that the “meal” isn’t for human consumption; it’s to fertilize your garden. Bone meal is a great natural fertilizer and alternative to commercial products. You can grind the bones of any animal into bone meal, though many people choose beef bones.


Bone Broth

People don’t often realize how nutritious bones are, especially bone broth. You can make the stock by throwing bones into a pot with various veggies, spices and herbs and boiling them. Not only is bone broth easy to make, but it is claimed to help with digestive health, detoxing, healing and reducing joint pain.

You can also use bones to make weapons or tools such as spears, axes, shovels and even knives. The possibilities are numerous, so think twice before chucking these useful items into the trash. They could come in handy if SHTF.

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