#1 Overlooked Survival Skill for Uncertain Times

#1 Survival Trait

(TacticalNews.com) – When most people think of prepping or survival traits they think in terms of physical skills, like hunting, combat and shelter. But before any of those things are even worth doing, let’s look at the most important element of all – something that is imperative when it comes to survival.

Your mindset. And this is more than being willing to take a life to defend your own, or to live without material comforts. It’s a way of life.

Survival Mindset

How do you react when plans don’t work out? How do you keep from slipping into depression when things get tough? What keeps you from labeling everyone as a bad guy when one or a few people do you wrong? Believe it or not, all these things matter when it comes to survival – because survival shouldn’t just be about still being alive when you go to sleep at night. Here are just a few of the elements that go into the right mindset for survival.

  • Adaptability: Maybe you have a plan. Maybe you even have a backup plan. But what happens when you have to make changes, or deal with changes on the fly? The truth is that, no matter how well prepared you are, you can never be 100%. The ability to make decisions on the fly is one of the most important traits of a survivalist.
  • Confidence: Ever heard the term “prey can smell fear”? There’s some truth to that. When we’re afraid chemical reactions happen within our bodies, and our body language involves microexpressions we can’t control. We’re all going to be afraid sometimes, but a good dose of confidence can go a long way toward preventing it. There’s very little we can do to hide it. The majority of that kind of confidence isn’t just about how much you know or can do, but the progress you see as you continue to train and learn.
  • Disassociation: Often seen as a mental health issue, the ability to disassociate can actually help keep you alive. In fact, many of those who have this trait as part of a mental health issue developed it early on as a matter of survival. However, when you find yourself in painful survival situations, it may be the thing that keeps you calm – and alive.
  • Creativity: Let’s say your worst fears come to fruition. The SHTF while you’re away from home after having gotten a ride from a friend. You don’t even have your travel Bug Out Bag with you. That’s a real shame, because you spent thousands to ensure you have the right equipment when the time comes. What you do have is your environment. Can you get creative with your environment in order to survive?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you know if you don’t have the mindset to use it when it counts. Develop your survival mindset by practicing drills and scenarios. Live without electricity for a day – or the weekend – if you’re just getting started. As you get more advanced, live in the woods for a weekend. Practice tactical drills with like-minded people. Make survivalism part of who you are, and develop that mindset!

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