Important Factors to Train for Speed Shooting

3 Important Factors for Speed Shooting

( – Speed shooting is popular among most shooters, and the training is something everyone seems to want to be a part of these days. However, the true key to speed shooting is — well, speed. Three factors need to be considered when speed shooting.

Looking at the Sights

The first factor we need to attend to is looking at the sights. This process is how we consistently hit where we want. Align the front and rear sights; focus on the front sight and align it with the area you want to hit.

Trigger Control

The second factor we need to master is controlling the trigger. In other words, you need to be able to pull, squeeze, or slap the trigger without moving or jarring your sights away from the point of aim.

Follow Through

The act of following through is the final factor to consider. This is accomplished the same way we follow through on a shot playing basketball or swinging a baseball bat. Follow through with your shots and keep your focus on the sights rather than looking away to confirm a hit.

Failure to do any of these three things will result in more misses and overall low accuracy when training.

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