9 Safety Tips for Lawn Mowers

9 Safety Tips for Lawn Mowers

(TacticalNews.com) – Warm weather calls for more maintenance in the yard, and lawns require even additional upkeep. Like any power tools, lawn mowers can be dangerous, especially when their users don’t take every possible precaution. Follow these safety tips to keep from becoming a statistic of lawn mower-related accidents.

#1: Read the Manual

Most people throw their tool manuals away. Who needs ’em, right? Well, that tiny book tells you how to safely operate the tool — in this case, the lawn mower. You might be surprised how much danger you’ve been in all this time. Taking the extra few minutes to read the manual could save someone’s life.

#2: Dress for Success

It’s tempting to just wear what you think is comfortable when mowing the grass. However, you should wear proper footwear, not open-toe shoes, to protect your feet. Experts also recommend that you wear long pants to protect your legs. Eye protection, as well as ear protection, are also helpful when mowing the grass.

#3: No Fingers Allowed

Keeping your fingers out of a mower seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people lose their fingers every year. Always shut the machine completely off before attempting to remove debris. Even then, use a tool or stick in lieu of an appendage to accomplish the task.

#4: Operate With Care

The spinning blades on mowers are undoubtedly dangerous. Be sure to keep your feet away from them as well. When attempting to mow on an incline, take care so that the mower doesn’t tip or slip and come into contact with your body or someone else’s.

#5: Prepare

Typically, the first time you mow your grass is the worst because old man winter has a way of rearranging sticks, rocks and other debris. Be sure to clean and prepare your yard before mowing your grass to avoid any unwanted projectiles. Even tiny objects can cause serious damage.

#6: You Must Be This Old to Operate

Push mowers are easy to use but are still dangerous, so remind children that tools are not toys. Don’t let anyone under the age of 12 operate the mower. For riding mowers, the age of operation increases to 16.

#7: Kids and Mowers Don’t Mix

It may be tempting to have your kid help out or ride on the mower with you, but don’t give in. Mowers and children don’t mix; it only takes a second for devastation to change your child’s life forever. In fact, when mowing your lawn, everyone else should stay at a distance.

#8: Stored Energy Is Dangerous

Even when a machine shuts off completely, there can still be tension or other forms of stored energy within it. This energy is especially dangerous because people don’t often think about it. When they go to remove debris or an obstruction, it can release the pressure and result in injury.

#9 Heat Problem

Another common injury with mowers and other gas-powered equipment is burns. Most people don’t realize how hot an engine can get, and they may not use appropriate care as a result. Users can sear their skin if they accidentally touch the engine or get in the way of the exhaust.

Mowers are only dangerous when you don’t use them properly, but they aren’t your only threat when you’re tending to your lawn. Be sure to check out these other hidden dangers of taking care of your yard. As always, be prepared and stay safe!

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