Hidden Dangers of Lawn Care

Hidden Dangers of Lawn Care

(TacticalNews.com) – There’s no question that Americans adore their lawns. In fact, grass would be the largest crop in the US if lawns were taken into account. Unfortunately, the American love for taking care of their lawns has caused problems in society and the environment.

Homeowners, gardeners and lawn care professionals use almost 80 million pounds of pesticides each year in the US. Researchers and experts believe exposure to these chemicals may cause serious health conditions and negatively impact the environment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) found that some of these pesticides, namely lindane and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), a chemical found in Agent Orange, can actually remain in soil for years, seriously impacting ecosystems and potentially accumulating within our food.

It’s not just the people applying the chemicals who are at risk; the general population faces exposure via contaminated food and water. Penn State researched the different types of pesticides and discovered potential health risks. Of those studied, RoundUp is one of the most used brands and is currently in a lawsuit under the clause that their product causes cancer.

The health risks are there, and they’re becoming more and more prevalent as these products stay in use. Exposure to pesticides has also been linked to poorer mental development in children.

Many of the “weeds” we find unattractive are actually beneficial for both your yard and the environment, meaning it’s better to skip out on the use of herbicides. Ants and other insects can be a serious problem and the need for pesticides may be warranted. However, there are natural and organic ways to get rid of them.

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