Bee Safety in the Great Outdoors

Bee Safety in the Great Outdoors

( – Bees are an important part of nature, but they can still be a menace when enjoying outdoor activities. Thankfully, as a general rule, bees only attack when provoked. So, how can you protect yourself against a painful encounter with nature’s little pollinators?

Dress for Safety

While enjoying the outdoors, many people choose to wear shorts or dresses to help stay cool, at least during the warmer months. While these clothes may be more comfortable, they’re opening you up to a world of hurt if you encounter bees.

If provoked, bees will fly around you looking for the best place to sting, which can lead them to become trapped in your clothes. Depending on the type of bee, you could end up getting stung multiple times. Even without an allergic reaction to bees, multiple stings can be dangerous.

Be sure to wear neutral-colored fabrics over brighter ones to reduce attracting the attention of curious bees. Keep in mind that what you eat is also important; anything that’s sugary or sweet will attract bees, wasps, hornets and nearly anything with a stinger. Be sure to properly cover your food and drinks so they don’t attract these and other insects.

While bees are far from being pests, they can put a damper on your day. There are other creatures out there that can trigger a lot more anger and aggravation. Be sure to check out these pests and natural ways to get rid of them.

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