Don’t Fall Victim to Road Rage

Don't Fall Victim to Road Rage

( – Operating a motor vehicle can be difficult at times, and some people can’t control their anger when traffic conditions get the best of them. Road rage can escalate very quickly and end in serious injury — or worse. Here’s how you can avoid being a victim of road rage.

As the video explains, the first thing you want to do is remain calm when confronted by a potential road rage incident. Then, you will want to make sure you maintain some distance between you and the other driver if their vehicle is in front of yours. That way, you don’t have to back out of a situation should they slam on their brakes or attempt to exit their vehicle and approach you.

Next, you want to remember that you can use your car as a shield between you and a potential attack. For example, if an enraged driver indicates their intention to exit their car and confront you, pass their vehicle on their passenger side. That way, their automobile can help block any aggressive moves on their part.

Finally, as with any roadway emergency, try to find a squad car or state trooper’s vehicle and motion them for assistance. If you don’t see one, you can always flash your headlights or emergency blinkers to indicate your distress to other drivers.

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