Don’t Leave Home Without This Survival Staple

Don't Leave Home Without This Survival Staple

( – One key aspect of survival is resourcefulness; you need to be able to make what you can with what you have. Every time you leave the house, or even simply wake up, you have the potential to be thrown into a battle for survival. For this reason, you should always keep one of these on you.

Bandanas are useful in many ways. For example, the video above demonstrates how you can cool off while hiking. The extent of uses you can find for bandanas is only limited by your imagination; they can serve as a way to filter water, start fires or even create a weapon.

When SHTF you could find bandanas come in handy almost everywhere. You could use one to remove hot cooking utensils from a fire, as a sling to hold an injured arm or even as a makeshift weapon. A tied up bundle of rocks could become a great way to thwart an attacker.

The best aspect about bandanas is that we can use and reuse them, and not always for the same purpose; you might use one to cool off and then turn around and use it later to start a fire. Of course, doing this will result in you losing a valuable tool to aid in your survival, but sometimes sacrifices are necessary.

These are only a few ways to use bandanas. Be sure to check out how useful a bandana can really be in the face of a survival situation.

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