Don’t Toss That Potato Chip Bag Out!

Don't Toss That Potato Chip Bag Out!

( – Most of us discard our empty potato chip bags without a care in the world. However, as it turns out, they have a variety of uses.

That’s right! As the video explained, potato chip bags are mylar bags just waiting to be used. Of course, you’ll need to be careful not to melt the bags or burn yourself when sealing them. However, the concept does work, and it keeps those potato chip bags out of the landfill.

Yes, they are great for storing food and other supplies. But they have other uses as well. For example, you can take advantage of their interior’s reflective properties and use them to signal rescuers. While this method isn’t exactly foolproof, it could save your life.

In a pinch, the chips themselves can be used as firestarters too. The fat in the chips will catch fire quickly, providing an easy way to get a survival fire going in a hurry.

Additionally, with their reflective property and no-porous surface, you can use these bags to create a survival blanket (though it will take a LOT of empty bags). For more on the subject of survival blankets, check out this article about space blankets. They’re a handy item to add to your camping pack, just in case something unexpected happens.

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