E-“rat”-icating Pests From Your Survival Supply


(TacticalNews.com) – As preppers, we work hard to gather the supplies we believe we may need in an emergency of full-blown SHTF situation. Unfortunately, certain critters may see a stash as an opportunity to thrive. Well, that’s not what the supplies are for, and these rodents and pests need to know it. Here’s how you can prevent or stop one crafty critter from heisting your supplies.

Now, if you’re not the crafty or DIY type, you can elect to use store-bought traps or poison. It may seem cruel to some people, but the truth is these pests can cause serious problems such as:

  • Property damage
  • Food waste
  • Disease
  • Loss of product
  • Food contamination

The first step to avoid rat or mouse problems is prevention: Fill in cracks or gaps rodents could be using to gain entrance to your home and keep a tidy property, inside and out.

If you already have rodents, be sure to act as soon as possible so the problem doesn’t get worse. Set traps outside and inside your home or call the professionals (not really an option post-SHTF). Of course, you could always add some cats to your household. After all, they are natural predators of these pests.

After SHTF, pests won’t be the only potential invaders you’ll want to keep from looting your supplies. Be sure to check out these SHTF perimeter alarms to better help you defend your property.

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