Evacuation Plans for Disaster – What’s Your Route Out?

Evacuation Plans for Disaster - What's Your Route Out?

(TacticalNews.com) – When SHTF are you bugging out? If so, do you have an escape route? Roadways are going to be the best bet for many people to reach their destinations. However, not all roads are created equal, and some will be better than others.

The video above covers what one should look for when it comes to a bug-out vehicle. Your route and vehicle depend on each other, whether you realize it or not. Unless you’re left with no other choice, you’re not going to drive a Mercedes sedan down trails and off-road.

That same vehicle would make a great highway vehicle, though. That’s why your route depends on your car, and sometimes your vehicle depends on your route. Both the highways and backroads have their pros and cons.


Highways are typically more frequently traveled more often than back roads. Because of this, highways are usually better maintained and much easier to drive on than county roads. Keep in mind that  Executive Order 10999 allows the government to take control of certain roadways and highways during a national emergency. Other pros and cons of choosing highways include but are not limited to:


  • There’s a higher chance of military/police presence, which could be good or bad.
  • Abandoned vehicles are good for loot.
  • More people could be helpful, although not always.
  • More salvageable resources may be available.


  • People you encounter aren’t guaranteed to be nice.
  • Military/police may seize your belongings.
  • There’s a potential for more crime.
  • More cars could mean more stress.
  • High likelihood of traffic jams and/or roadblocks obstructing the route.
  • Mass panic can create dangers of its own.

Back Roads

These roads are less frequently driven on and, as a result, are often poorly maintained. They’re a good choice for people looking to avoid others, although the isolation can come at a price. Here are the pros and cons of choosing back roads:


  • They’re less likely to be traveled, reducing the chance of running into other people.
  • Isolation brings about a sense of security.
  • People traveling on back roads are less likely to run into military or law enforcement.
  • Easier to travel unnoticed.


  • The roads can be narrow.
  • They may require longer distances to travel.
  • Other travelers here are more likely to be armed and proficient with their weapons.
  • These areas are often farther from any kind of aid or help.
  • Some back roads are unmaintained and could be impassable for anything other than trucks or offroad vehicles.

As you can see, both choices have pluses and minuses. Ultimately, it’s up to you and the capabilities of your vehicle. Chances are you’ll run into something you want to avoid whether you choose either route. Be sure to check out tactical driving for tips on getting away from unwanted situations when SHTF.

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